Product Introductions

S100-N Autonomous Driving Floor Sweeper

S100-N is an autonomous driving floor sweeper suitable for large outdoor scenes, which is equipped with lidar, depth camera, ultrasonic radar and other sensors to realize the autonomous driving function so that the sweeper can disengaged from manual operation and complete the cleaning, spaying, garbage collecting and other work on the road. The emergence of VIGGO has greatly improved cleaning efficiency, reduced labor costs and made cleaning more intelligent.

Function Highlights

Simple Operation

Break-point resuming, automatic recall under low-battery conditions, automatic parking.

Professional Cleaning

Rolling brush sweeping, large air volume vacuuming, side brush spray dust suppressing

Efficient Cleaning

Combination of main brush and side brush, cleaning rate>98%.


Edge Cleaning

Active roadside identification can truly achieve zero-distance edge cleaning


Scheduled tasks, automatic wake up, scheduled operations

Easy to Manage

Automatically upload operation reports. Data reports are available at your fingertips


Dimension : 1706(L)x927(W)x1199(H)mm

Net Weight : 395kg

Sweeping Width : 100cm

Max Cleaning Efficiency : 3000㎡/h
Battery : 24V/200Ah

Range : 30~40(With Operating Conditions Considered)

Runtime Per Charge : 6h(With Operating Conditions Considered)
Trash Can Capacity : 60L

Water Tank Capacity : 60L

 Turning Radius : 150cm

Charging Time : 4~5h
Max Travel Speed : 5km/h

Max Slope : ≤10°
Applicable Environment(Outdoor)-15℃~40℃



Industrial Parks

Business Districts


Residential Areas

Public Squares