• Titan Delivery Robot

    Intelligent Logistics Solution with Efficiency and Convenience

Titan Courier Delivery Robot Family is a series of service robots developed for modern use environments which can independently move and distribute goods along a set route.Robots can work in large and medium-sized indoor and outdoor spaces with complex layouts, and have the capabilities of voice interaction, advertising and intelligent obstacle avoidance. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes such as hotels, hospitals, parks and office buildings. Titan intelligent logistics robot has many styles, such as cargo box type, shelf type, point delivery type, etc. 

Advanced mobile platform

Compatible with indoor and outdoor scenes

With a width of only 550 mm, Titan Universal Mobile Platform is the first high-performance robot mobile platform in the market, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes. Titan Mobile Platform is equipped with a four-wheel independent drive, independent suspension and independent steering chassis, so it has excellent maneuverability and obstacle-surmounting ability. Advanced sensor configurations, including 16 wire 3D laser radar, ultrasonic sensor and anti-drop sensor, can achieve excellent automatic driving and obstacle avoidance capabilities. 

Disruptive modular design

Titan Universal Mobile Platform uses a universal interface to design and develop various functional modules for use with the Titan Mobile Platform.Users can easily change different functional units as needed, thus achieving the goal of 1+N, owning a mobile platform with multiple robot functions, and improving the utilization of the mobile platform.

Rich Functional Components

Meet Diversified Requirements

Mobile advertising robot is mainly used for information distribution services in public places, including mobile electronic guide boards, leaflet distribution, static posters, advertising push and other functions. Its flexible shelf system can replace a variety of components with different functions, from newspaper racks to trays, as well as poster frames, etc., which is suitable for diversified business scenarios.

Closed intelligent box

Sufficient storage space, stable storage environment, ensure the safety of goods in the whole process, and provide you with exclusive distribution services.

IP Design

Personalized customization

According to the user's orientation to the customers, the personalized painting is customized, thus improving the IP property of the robot in space.

Multimodal interaction

Through intelligent speech recognition and scene based semantic understanding, it can quickly enter the working state. Attributed face can accurately recognize gender and age.




It can display customized video, voice, pictures and other advertising content in the static or moving state, targeting users accurately.




Efficient transportation

Shortest transportation route selection, super capacity, heavy load efficient transportation, realizing a real efficiency revolution.




Automatic recharge

When the power is too low, it can automatically return to the charging pile for charging, breaking through the time limit, lasting and worry free work all day.




Applicable scenarios


Office Building

Amusement Park





Railway stations  

Logistics Distribution Robot

Dimensions(H*W*L) 900*632*750mm(Not including sun shade)
Total Weight 100kg Max. Obstacle Height 40mm
Drive Mode Four-Wheel Drive Min. Passing Width 670mm
Movement speed Max. 2m/s Max. Load 40kg
Grade ability 8 degrees Turning Radius Pivot steering

Logistics Advertising Robot

Dimensions(H*W*L) 1600*632*750mm
Total Weight 100kg Max. Obstacle Height 40mm
Drive Mode Four-Wheel Drive Min. Passing Width 670mm
Movement speed Max. 2m/s Max. Load 40kg
Grade ability 8 degrees Turning Radius Pivot steering

Logistics Point Delivery Robot

Dimensions(H*W*L) 835*635*1000 Movement speed Max. 1.6m/s
Min. Passing Width 1000mm Max. Load 40kg
Total Weight 100kg Operating environment Common indoor and outdoor
Charging time 3.5 h(power off) 4.5 h(power on) Battery Life 8h(static) 6h(0.8m/s )